Corporate Sponsor

We are thrilled to be expanding our Corporate Sponsor program this year!  We have a number of packages—each with exclusive branding rights—that we can offer to our corporate partners.  Please refer to our Corporate Sponsor one pager (linked at the bottom of the page) for specific details on branding rights for each package.  In addition to the individual benefits listed, each Corporate Sponsor will receive: 

• Logo on all digital marketing materials, including website and social media

• Logo on all printed marketing materials, including event invitation and event handout

• Event day signage

• Option to include promotional item in all 1,000+ tote bags

We hope to welcome your organization as a Corporate Sponsor for Cookies & Castles 2021! 

For questions about Corporate Sponsorships, please contact Terri Sexton at (817) 291-6053 or Allison McClellan at (713) 256-4932 or email